Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More work on the house

The moulding between the two colors is too drab so we decided it needed to be jazzed up. So we have started to work on it. We started by adding the first layer which is texture. We dipped handmade papers in PowerteX and then applied it to the moulding. we then filled in the other areas with plaster cloth. The areas done with the cloth we then dyed with alchol inks and some with water colors. This is the first layer and then we will begin ythe sculpting later on which we willpost when we get to that part.

The red wall is the hallway which is opposite the sunken living room. It just pops the colors from opposite the living room.

You see a pic of me trying to match colors to the curtain as Bruce was hesitant on the red wall. You see how that worked as he hated the color and we ran to Home Depot and I got what i wanted a red wall.lol.

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  1. Those drapes are gorgeous!I love the colors in that room. Jeff, you look so thin in that photo, have you lost a lot of weight?