Monday, December 21, 2009

Coookies and the Monster

Ok the cookies keep coming out and of course you know that they have to be tested. Bruce has been now dubbed the Cookie Monster by one of the ladies of the CIFI group. He is not proud of h is new title. Todays batch is Spiced Chocolate Mexican cookies with cayenne pepper. He complained they were not spucy enough so a new batch will be made using chili powder. Also made was cherry almond cookies and some large Ukrainian honey cookies which you can see him happily testing! They are the size of a plate.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Granite Oh My!

Well I guess I have been good or maybe I have ben naughty and that is why Santa is getting me new countertops for Christmas! Bruce and I went shopping again looking for granite. We had found a stone in another yard we liked and then went to this place our installer recommended. he and his partner met us there and we looked at so many different slabs. We knew we wanted something artistic. we found one but it was out of our range when they calculated. So one of the guys suggested a slab called Purple dunes that was hidden as it was similar to a spectrum that we were almost ready to buy. Well they moved the first piece and our jaws dropped! Then we needed to get slabs because of the amount of counter we need fabricated. Well here is the pieces that will be come our new countertops next year!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Watercolor background=Shower of Blessings!

This morning we found some time to do some art! This is going to be the background for our Ketubah for our wedding. A ketubah is a wedding contract that originates from Judaism. Today there are many different ones available even for interfaith ceremonies. We found inspiration on the internet after seeing the prices we decided to create our own. We will only be using part of this huge piece of paper.

This was done with watercolors and salt. This will then have calligraphy done and also a little collage work. We had an original idea but like all art work it always changes so we will see how this evolves. We meet with the calligraper on December 29th and all our texts that we want and have put together are ready to go. Will post as things come to life on this project.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reindeers,Santas, Presents and Ornaments!

Ok I am going to be daring and try for 12 types of cookies for Christmas. Don't know if I will be successful with everything going on here. But this is day two's baking. Thanks to Diane Little aka Pixie from New Mexico for this recipe. I have made this wonderful batch of Anise cookies, i used fructose so they are sugar free and I can eat them. Yipee! They are mini cookies .

Bathroom and getting ready for Christmas

Well we are getting ready for Christmas here. I was sick and tired of my bath and since we cant afford a total overhaul I decided to do a apiant job and replace the medicine cabinet and lights. i hired a painter to do the base coat. I then did an overglaze of a light peach and purple. then added a metallic gold for some contrast. It is hard to capture with the camera.

Now with that part out of the way it is time for the holiday baking to begin. the first batch is gingerbread cookies. This was 7 and a half dozen. Of course Bruce had to test them as they were coming out of the oven. he was right behind me snatching them off the cookie tray. While no pics of that here is a pic of him working on my Christmas quilt.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah,Happy Kwaanza snd Happy and Healthy New Year!