Sunday, April 12, 2009

TUb Today, Gone Tommorow

Well the old hot tub is now history. Our wonderful neighbors came by yesterday and dismanted the top as I want to turn that into a gazebo. They then went ahreaf and called in reinforcements to lift this off and move it. Imagine our surprise when all these people walked into our yard to help carry thi this.

After this our neighbors went to town cutting the hot tub up so we could get it into the dumpster. We also found tge concrete pad that it was on was cracked. So Mike went and got his breaking poles and he broke all that concrete up too. It was a hard day and Bruce treated them to lunch at an Indian restaurant. Tommorow I am taking them out to Chinese Dinner. It is so nice to have this open space near our patio.

Heat are some celebration pics.

Concrete jungle

We started to get ready on doing the walkway for the fromt of the house in hopes of having it ready for Easter which is next Sunday. As I celebrate Orhodox Easter. this house was built where you have to go up the driveway and acrosss the house to enter. This seems like not a welcome way to enter the house so we are going to make a path down the center of the house. That meant renting a jackhammer and taking out 25 feet of concrete. needless to say I was exhausted after 3 hours of doing this.

Friday, April 10, 2009

More progress on the studio

Here is a pic of the vegetable gaden all filled in. Now just have to roto till in the steer manure. But pepper is doing his best to roto till but not getting far as it is still in the the bags,lol.

Well the studio is slowly coming along. We now have the insulation added and the sub floor will be added soon.

The weather here has been up and down but we have been in mode for getting things ready for Spring. we were in Costco and found these wonderful huge pots! we have seen them and kept waiting to get them. Finally we decided to just get them. we are not sure where we willput them but here is what we bought. Will post pics soon of the plants we bought too.

Also by popular demand here is a pic of the two of us. Hope this satifies your curiosity.

Working on the Farm

Well our backyard is s huge I have nicknamed it the farm. Coming from the city and moving out here and having a small apt with a tiny piece of property and now having a third of an acre this is like having a farm. we now have the raised bed all filled up with triple mix and in another month we will be able to start planting. Just need to wait for the snow to melt off Mt. peavine then teh tomatoes can begin to be planted.

Here are some pictures of our wonderful neighbors Mike and Dottie who have been wonderful helping us. they have been going down to the landscaping yard with their truck and picking up the soil for us. Mike and I unload the truck and Bruce is in charge of running the dirt to the beds. Dottie does the raking of the beds. as you can see it is a team effort to do.this. They also made us this wonderful raised triangular box that will house our blackberry bushes in our
private garden.