Saturday, February 21, 2009

Windows are IN

We are slowly making progress on the new studio. I put the new glass in all the windows after the previous owners kids had knocked all the glass out.Today we put in the braces for all the new window sills and Bruce routed all the wood for the sills. Now we have to decide on the trim for the window glass to hold it in. We have a pile of wood that we bought for 5 bucks from Lowes so going to see what we can use from there maybe and salvage like we did for the sills. It is just so nice to see all these little changes as they come alive.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trim is painted

I sanded down all the peeling paint on the window frames and weput in newmouldings for the glass. As you can see the outside frame is now painted/ We also got the fascia up. Was hoping for some gingerbread trim but it is not available here. It would have been too much work to start cutting the design and a trip to Lowe's we landed a pile of wood in the cull section for $5! Gee what a find and now we can work on the porch too and still need to see what we will do with the rest of the leftover wood. There wass even redwood in the pile. We now have to do the inside moldings so we can install the glass.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Outdoor Studio Renovation Begins

When we bought this house there was an old greenhouse on the property. Well we decided to turn it into an outdoor studio. I will be blogging the progress so you can see what we are doing. As you can see it was badly neglected by the previous owners. We found ut that their kids threw rocks and knocked out all the glass. We just put a new roof on so now no more water leaks in there.Yipeee! We are off to a good start and seeing this building begin a new life. We also sided the back wall since there is no view and there is not much sun coming in there either. This will also help to keep the place warmer.