Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Progress on Studio

I have been lacking on keeping my blog updated and things have been really going full speed here at the house. I was complaining in my sculpting group that I don't have time for art when my dear friend Mary Martin said that working on the house is an art project in itself. That did make me feel a little less guilty. We have decided that the messy studio will now serve as a sunroom also. Her name is Delilah and it is awfully hot in there when the sun is out that we had to put in a window vent.

I had to scrape and sand the building down which was not a pleasant chore. Then I primed it but was afraid the paint would not look right. So I added some sand to the paint to have a somewhat textured look on the wood and it worked like a charm. Still need to finish the trim as some of the trim is in bad shape so we will just cut new pieces and face them over and then I will paint it over. As you can see this has been a chore and I was getting tired of painting this already. Bruce tells people it glows in the dark,lol.