Monday, May 25, 2009

Walkway is poured

Well the concrete foundation is poured finally. We decided to do a reality check and look at our lives and realize that with our medical conditions it would be feasable to start planning for our future so we did away with steps and planned a ramp. Since we are investing so much money in beautiful stone it will be a shame to rip it out or put in ugly ramps down the road.

Here is a pic of Richard and I working on the concrete together. He is our contractor.I am the water boy and Bruce is the driver as he is in charge of driving the power wagon after I load the bags on concrete and bringing them over so they can be mixed. It is so nice to feel like we are part of this project. Next week the stone will be laid down. So this week i have to unload the pallets and lay out the stone on the front so we can see what the stones look like. Can't wait to see what it looks like as it will take a couple of days to get this done.

You can also see pics of the new house colors. It is charcoal gray and red which are traditionbal Asian colors.


  1. You are so wise to plan for the future. We are doing the same thing with our renovations, keeping in mind that what we can do today may not be what we can deal with down the road of time.

    Funny how we selected similar colors for our homes outside. We went with light grey and a dark cranberry for the trim.

  2. Finally - been having trouble getting to a comment page- well fellows you are both doing such brilliant things to your home- and this path of yours is going to be gorjus. very sensible planning for the future as well
    love n hugs bear xoxoxox