Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Wip

As part of the retreat this year we have a challenge. We are to create a Fall or Halloween piece. I started this piece a year ago by doing the head and it was sitting in the closet. i came across it when I had to empty the closet for the new bamboo floors and a few other attemps did not really talk to me. Turns out one of them is to be incorporated into this piece. I was hoping to do a small piece since I am flying but so much for doing a Halloween egg. I am having fun doing this piece and working with a new product I have gotten at the salvage place. It is aluminum which i have used for her bodice and sleeves. It really adds texture and comes in copper too! Hope to use that on my retreat piece.


  1. rofl you say alive wellllllll i say she is coming to dead teeheee loooking wonderful can't wait to see her in person wohoo
    it's gonna be fun and the egg for class is totally awesome

  2. Love that metal. What a great idea. This is looking like a zombie maybe? I really like how it's looking!