Sunday, August 30, 2009

She has Clothes

Well she is now starting to come alive. I am really enjoying working on this piece. And working with different mediums. It is hard to see in the pics but the copper really adds a nice sparkle when the ligt hits it. i added that to the mix with teh micromarbles and the glitter. Now have to find out what to name her.


  1. woooohoooooooooo lookin GOOD Hoppa! she definitely came alive! look forward to seeing her in Iowa. Name? STELLA !!!! :p

  2. oh me oh my Hoppa shes looking terrific, since you put some clothes on her shes gone in a whole different bent. Adore her cant wait to see her finished
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

  3. Now I see where you're going- a day of the dead doll! How about "The Dead Steel Magnolia" . I love that movie. Whatever you call her, she is turning out terrific!