Saturday, December 19, 2009

Granite Oh My!

Well I guess I have been good or maybe I have ben naughty and that is why Santa is getting me new countertops for Christmas! Bruce and I went shopping again looking for granite. We had found a stone in another yard we liked and then went to this place our installer recommended. he and his partner met us there and we looked at so many different slabs. We knew we wanted something artistic. we found one but it was out of our range when they calculated. So one of the guys suggested a slab called Purple dunes that was hidden as it was similar to a spectrum that we were almost ready to buy. Well they moved the first piece and our jaws dropped! Then we needed to get slabs because of the amount of counter we need fabricated. Well here is the pieces that will be come our new countertops next year!!!!


  1. Oh my heavens! That is one gorgeous piece of granite! Congratulations on finding just the perfect countertop! I love it.......

  2. wow- beautiful! I would bet it's because you are good, but also delightfully naughty from time to time-LOL

  3. oh me oh my - purple I am sooooooo jealous as you knew I would be- its aint fair Hoppa - U know if I ever build or redo another kitchen I am going to listen to my heart and noone elses voices and go PURPLE too- its just such a gorjas slab of granite you chose perfectly!
    love n hugs a very jealous bear xoxoxoxo

  4. The granite is just to to fab...I could sling cokie dough all over it with gusto I might add. You are so lucky.