Friday, April 10, 2009

Working on the Farm

Well our backyard is s huge I have nicknamed it the farm. Coming from the city and moving out here and having a small apt with a tiny piece of property and now having a third of an acre this is like having a farm. we now have the raised bed all filled up with triple mix and in another month we will be able to start planting. Just need to wait for the snow to melt off Mt. peavine then teh tomatoes can begin to be planted.

Here are some pictures of our wonderful neighbors Mike and Dottie who have been wonderful helping us. they have been going down to the landscaping yard with their truck and picking up the soil for us. Mike and I unload the truck and Bruce is in charge of running the dirt to the beds. Dottie does the raking of the beds. as you can see it is a team effort to do.this. They also made us this wonderful raised triangular box that will house our blackberry bushes in our
private garden.

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