Sunday, April 12, 2009

TUb Today, Gone Tommorow

Well the old hot tub is now history. Our wonderful neighbors came by yesterday and dismanted the top as I want to turn that into a gazebo. They then went ahreaf and called in reinforcements to lift this off and move it. Imagine our surprise when all these people walked into our yard to help carry thi this.

After this our neighbors went to town cutting the hot tub up so we could get it into the dumpster. We also found tge concrete pad that it was on was cracked. So Mike went and got his breaking poles and he broke all that concrete up too. It was a hard day and Bruce treated them to lunch at an Indian restaurant. Tommorow I am taking them out to Chinese Dinner. It is so nice to have this open space near our patio.

Heat are some celebration pics.


  1. woohoo wonderful neighbours and Bruce man alive you have done wonders for our Jeff- hes looking so well now- and you are some good looking dude. The Farm is coming up aces Jeff n Bruce you twoo n neighbours have made such inroads into the yars and the studios just think wont be long now till you can just plain h ave fun doing an dmaking art!
    love n hugs bear oxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Oh my Goodness, Jeff!!! Seeing those all those WONDERFUL photos AND smiles to top made me want to cry!!! I'm soooo happy that you are sooo happy now!!! My only regret is, of course, that I can't hop an airplane to share the excitement with all of you. Please know, however, that my spirit is helping you dig through that concrete...well, maybe not exactly digging, but standing on the sidelines urging you guys on anyway! LOL! As it is, I know that Daddy is doing the same.

    I just have one question, where the heck is the leopard room??!!?? LOL!!!!!!!!

    Love Ya's,
    Sis and Winston too

  3. I don't envy you the work you are having to do, but I *will* envy the final results I am sure. Wow!! And what great neighbors you have. Thanks for the pics Jeff. (Hi Bruce!)

  4. I don't envy you the work you are having to do, but I have a strong feeling that I WILL envy the final results. Wow!! And what marvelous neighbors you have. (Hi Bruce!)